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JSON Structure:

	"data": [{
		"attributes": {
			"consolidated": "Y",
			"pre_tax_profit": 2628000000,
			"currency": "GBP",
			"director_renum": 7000000,
			"account_date": "2015-12-31",
			"retained_profit": 2233000000,
			"audit_fee": 1809000,
			"interest_payable": 906000000,
			"non_trading_income": 2295000000,
			"operating_profit": 1239000000,
			"no_weeks": 52,
			"dividends": 260000000,
			"taxation": 120000000,
			"employees": 43550,
			"gross_profit": null,
			"non_audit_fee": 480000,
			"post_tax_profit": 2508000000,
			"value_added": 3034839000,
			"cost_of_sales": null,
			"turnover": 11333000000
		"type": "profit_loss",
		"id": "645323-7696788"


Field Key Description Notes
consolidated Group profit & loss as opposed to individual  
pre_tax_profit Profit before tax  
currency The currency used to prepare the profit & loss account  
director_renum Amounts paid to directors  
account_date The date of the profit & loss account  
retained_profit The amount of profit retained for the year  
audit_fee The fee paid to the auditors  
interest_payable Finance charges  
non_trading_income Income from other sources  
operating_profit Profit from operations  
no_weeks The number of weeks included in the period  
dividends Amounts paid to shareholders  
taxation Amounts due in tax  
employees The number of employees  
gross_profit The profit after cost of sales  
non_audit_fee Additional professional fees  
post_tax_profit Profits after tax  
value_added An alternative profit calculation  
cost_of_sales The cost of goods sold  
turnover The net value of sales, excluding local taxes