Like '/companies/', a search can be performed on directorships by making a GET request to the '/directorships/' endpoint:

Returned resources will follow the JSON API format and will contain URLs in their 'links' section to the company they are linked to.

To filter directorship search results, append the criteria as request parameters in any order.

Search Parameters

The following fields can currently be searched on:

Field Name



The directors title


The directors first name


The directors surname


The combination of first_name and surname, for example ‘Peter Smith’


The directors town of residence


The directors county of residence


The nationality of the director


The postcode of the directors residence


The occupation of the director


The type of the appointment

The searches can be combined. For example, to find directorships held by British nationals with the surname Morgan, the query would be:

When performing name searches, the 'name' field searches on full names. For example, the following query will only return directorships held by people called Peter Smith:

While the following search will return all directorships held by people whose name is either similar to 'Peter' or 'Smith', with the most relevant results returned first:

This means that 'Peter Smith' will rank highest, then 'Peter Smith Jones' then lastly, entries like 'James Smith’.

If an unrecognised field name is included in search parameters, it will be ignored.

To also receive the companies the directorships are linked to, append the 'company' string in the 'include=' GET parameter:

The response will be a compound document (see documents for format) containing the original search results along with the companies. All results are paginated.

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