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Additional information about a company can be accessed using the following endpoints. These endpoints are conditionally linked in the “relationships” section of an individual company return should they be available. For example when requesting information about a company that has shareholder information available, the “shareholders” entry will be returned in the “relationships” section.

Making a request to the following endpoints that has not been linked from the company return may result in a 404 (Resource not found) error if the company does not have the relevant information.

An example of the json structure of each endpoint can be viewed by clicking on the endpoint.




A list of directors and their involvement with this company.


A list of all addresses, both trading and registered, associated with the company.


A list of shareholders and information about the shares they hold.


Information about any CCJs (County Court Judgements) found for the company.


A list of companies that the current company is parent company of.


The company which is the parent company of this one.


Previous names this company has been registered as at Companies House.


Where contact information has been registered for this company, this endpoint will show those contact details.


Calculated ratios for various financial indicators for the business.


Standard profit and loss numbers for a particular year.


Cashflow report for a particular year.


Balance sheet for a particular year.

/01777777/balance- sheet/

List of mortgages found for a company.


List of documents filed with Companies House.


The value of unpaid debt associated with a debtor who has entered formal insolvency proceedings.


The amount of unpaid losses associated with a creditor entering formal insolvency proceedings.


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