A list of all registered shareholders involved with the business.

Example URL:

JSON Stucture:

	"data": [{
		"attributes": {
			"first_name": null,
			"shareholder_class": "A1",
			"surname": "International Consolidated Airlines Group SA",
			"share_quantity": 896700,
			"title": null,
			"share_value": 259773990,
			"company_flag": "C"
		"type": "shareholder",
		"id": "645323-3896058920"


Field Key Description Notes
first_name The shareholders first name.
shareholder_class Needs clarification
surname The shareholders surname.
share_quantity The total number of shares held by the shareholder.
title The shareholders title.
share_value The value attributed to the shareholders shares.Needs clarification
company_flag Needs clarification