The group-company endpoint lists other businesses that share a relationship with the current business.

Example URL:

JSON Structure:

	"data": [{
		"dissolution_date": null,
		"last_updated": "2016-07-14",
		"addresses": [{
			"town": null,
			"address_line_2": "HARMONDSWORTH",
			"county": null,
			"location": {
				"lat": 51.5373252879822,
				"lon": -0.487355421766335
			"address_line_4": "MIDDLESEX",
			"address_line_1": "WATERSIDE PO BOX 365",
			"type": "registered",
			"address_line_3": "WEST DRAYTON",
			"postcode": "UB7 0GB"
		"links": {
			"self": ""
		"is_limited": true,
		"rfa_rating": {
			"health_rating_code": 5,
			"short_code": "bronze",
			"short_description": "Bronze",
			"long_description": "Bronze companies will be an average credit risk whose financial position and trading results are not as strong as Silver companies. They may even be new companies that have yet to file their accounts. It is likely that not all payments are made to terms and it is advisable to review any monitoring notices received on these companies"
		"parent_company": "01777777",
		"incorporation_date": "2015-06-02",
		"id": "09619950",
		"dissolution_status": null,
		"company_name": "BA HEALTHCARE TRUST LIMITED",
		"type": "company",
		"sic_codes": [
		"tps_registered": false,
		"sic_sections": [
		"primary_sic_code": "74849",
		"company_number": "09619950"
	"links": {
		"self": "",
		"last": "",
		"first": ""


Field Key Description Notes
dissolution_date Date the company was dissolved if applicable.  
last_updated The date the record was last updated.  
addresses A list of address dictionaries or JSON objects.  
links API url's related to this company  
is_limited Whether the company is limited or not.  
rfa_rating The Red Flag Alert credit rating currently assigned to this company. See Appendix 3 for a complete list of Red Flag Alert ratings and descriptions.
parent_company The CRO number of the parent company.  
incorporation_date The date that the company was incorporated.  
id CRO number of the company.  
dissolution_status For companies that have been dissolved, their exact status. See Appendix 1 for possible values.
company_name The registered company name.  
type The type of incorporated company  
sic_codes An array containing the specific sic codes which this company is in.  
tps_registered Boolean value showing if the company has registered with the Telephone Preference Service.  
sic_sections The single letter SIC section code. SIC section headings and letter codes given in Appendix 2. Companies may have several SIC sections if they are active in several areas; in this case, if any of the sections match then the company will be returned.
primary_sic_code The primary SIC code of the business.  
company_number CRO number of the company.