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JSON Structure:

	"data": [{
		"attributes": {
			"account_date": "2005-03-31",
			"net_from_operating_activities": 1247000000,
			"net_from_return_investment_servicing": -150000000,
			"no_weeks": 52,
			"increase_in_cash": -457000000,
			"consolidated": "Y",
			"net_before_financing": 694000000,
			"currency": "GBP",
			"net_from_financing": -1151000000
		"type": "cashflow",
		"id": "645323-2674607417"


Field Key Description Notes
account_date The date of the accounts
net_from_operating_activities Cash value generated from operations
net_from_return_investment_servicing Cash value of returns on investments and servicing of finance
no_weeks The number of weeks between the start and the end of the financial period
increase_in_cash Gross increase in cash value
consolidated Some cash flow statements will be group consolidated cash flow statements as opposed to individual cash flow statements
net_before_financing The net cash value from operations
currency The currency used in the presentation of the accounts
net_from_financing The net cash value from external finance