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JSON Structure:

	"data": [{
		"attributes": {
			"total_current_assets": 3439000000,
			"total_fixed_assets": 7945000000,
			"tangible_fixed_assets": 7357000000,
			"currency": "GBP",
			"pl_account_reserve": 903000000,
			"account_date": "2007-03-31",
			"working_capital": -186000000,
			"trade_debtors": 654000000,
			"shareholders_funds": 2211000000,
			"stocks": 76000000,
			"misc_current_assets": 354000000,
			"total_long_term_liabilities": 5548000000,
			"creditors_amounts_falling": 3625000000,
			"no_weeks": 52,
			"total_assets_less_liabilities": 7759000000,
			"revaluation_reserve": 0,
			"share_capital_reserve": 1308000000,
			"total_liabilities": 9173000000,
			"total_assets": 11384000000,
			"contingent_liabilities": 168000000,
			"cash": 2355000000,
			"net_worth": 1999000000,
			"intangible_assets": 212000000
		"type": "balance_sheet",
		"id": "645323-4273833453"


Field Key Description Notes
total_current_assets Total value of assets that would normally be converted in to cash over 12 months.
total_fixed_assets Total value of assets that are used by the business but would not normally be converted to cash.
tangible_fixed_assets Total of assets that would normally be converted in to cash over 12 months.
currency The currency used in the presentation of the accounts.
pl_account_reserve The sum of accumulated reserves from past profits.
account_date The date of the accounts.
working_capital The difference between the total current assets and total current liabilities.
trade_debtors The amount owed to the company by its trade debtors.
shareholders_funds The value of the amounts due to shareholders.
stocks The value of unprocessed and unsold goods held by the company.
misc_current_assets The value of unclassified current assets.
total_long_term_liabilities The total value of liabilities, other than to shareholders with a duration of greater than 12 months.
creditors_amounts_falling The value owing to trade creditors.
no_weeks The number of weeks between the start and the end of the financial period.
total_assets_less_liabilities The total value of the assets after deducting all liabilities, except for those owed to the shareholder.
revaluation_reserve The value of reserves accruing from a revaluation of business assets.
share_capital_reserve The value of shareholder equity.
total_liabilities The total value of all liabilities.
total_assets The total value of all assets.
contingent_liabilities Liabilities that may fall due but are contingent upon an outcome not know at the time of the financial statement.
cash The value of cash assets.
net_worth The value of total tangible assets minus total outside liabilities.
intangible_assets The value of assets that don't have a physical nature, such as Goodwill, or Patents etc.