Identity and Anti Money Laundering checks are provided through our partners, GB Group PLC. The service allows customers to check an individual's identity against a range of databases to provide assurance to customers. Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and international Sanctions checks are also available.

In order to carry out ID and AML checks through the API, customers are required to undertake an authorisation process and will be provided with separate authentication details. Please contact support for more information if you are interested in this functionality.

ID / AML Check

All identity checks are carried out by submitting a POST request containing JSON body via a single endpoint:

Each request must contain the following parameters:

Parameter Description Notes
id3_username ID3 username, obtained from RFA support  
id3_password ID3 password, obtained from RFA support  
id3_profile_id ID3 profile ID, obtained from RFA support  
id3_check_level A string corresponding to the level of check desired 'id_check', 'standard' or 'advanced'


The RFA API account requesting the check must have the necesssary amount of credit available. If insufficient credits are available, an HTTP 429 response will be returned.



Checks are charged as follows:

Request Cost
id_check 2 credits
standard 3 credits
advanced 4 credits

Search Parameters

The following fields can be sent as part of a request. For any check to be carried out, at least the 'forename' and 'surname' fields must be provided.

Parameter Description Notes
current_address Single object containing the current address for the person. The subfields 'city', 'country', 'first_date_of_residence', 'postcode', 'premise' and 'street' are available. Residence dates are provided in the MM/YYYY format.
day_of_birth The day of the year the person was born Partial dates of birth are allowed if the full information is not available
month_of_birth The month the person was born  
year_of_birth The year the person was born  
driving_license Single object containing one field, 'number' - the driving license number  
forename The persons first name  
gender The persons gender  
national_insurance Single object containing one field, 'number' - the persons National Insurance number  
passport Single object containing the following fields: 'day_of_expiry', 'month_of_expiry', 'number' and 'year_of_expiry'  
previous_addresses Array of objects representing known previous addresses. Fields are the same as for 'current_address'  
reference User-defined field, can be set to any string The reference is stored alongside each check to allow tagging, client-provided reference numbers or similar
surname The persons surname  
title Any known title for the person 'Mr', 'Ms' etc


Example Request Body

Following is a JSON example of a typical request object.  This JSON object must be submitted via POST method to the API endpoint.  Please see the JSONAPI specification for more details.


    "data": {
        "attributes": {
            "current_address": {
                "city": "London",
                "country": "United Kingdom",
                "first_date_of_residence": "11/2014",
                "last_date_of_residence": "09/2015",
                "postcode": "T35ER",
                "premise": "123",
                "street": "Example Road"
            "day_of_birth": "09",
            "driving_license": {
                "number": "exampl-123456-ab1-ab"
            "forename": "David",
            "gender": "Male",
            "id3_check_level": "advanced",
            "id3_password": "my_id3_account_password123",
            "id3_profile_id": "12345-432j1-2342d-8259-d4bc69f40dd8",
            "id3_username": "",
            "middlename": "Thomas",
            "month_of_birth": "02",
            "national_insurance": {
                "number": "ex-01-01-01-a"
            "passport": {
                "day_of_expiry": "31",
                "month_of_expiry": "12",
                "number": "01232345-5-gbr-123415-m-123415-01",
                "year_of_expiry": "2026"
            "previous_addresses": [
                    "city": "LONDON",
                    "country": "United Kingdom",
                    "first_date_of_residence": null,
                    "last_date_of_residence": null,
                    "postcode": "T351ER",
                    "premise": "FLAT 1, BUILDING 9",
                    "street": "ANOTHER EXAMPLE STREET"
                    "city": "LONDON",
                    "country": "United Kingdom",
                    "first_date_of_residence": null,
                    "last_date_of_residence": null,
                    "postcode": "T351ER",
                    "premise": "FLAT 2, BUILDING 9",
                    "street": "ANOTHER EXAMPLE STREET"
            "reference": "my testing check",
            "surname": "Example",
            "title": "Mr",
            "year_of_birth": "1987"
        "type": "id3-check"

The response

Check responses will be returned in the standard JSON API format. Fields are as follows:

Parameter Description Notes
band_text An overall recommended result for the check 'Pass', 'Refer' or 'Fail'
country The country the check was carried out in  
customer_reference   Currently for internal use
profile_id The ID3 profile used to carry out the check  
profile_name The name of the profile  
profile_revision   Currently for internal use
profile_state   Currently for internal use
profile_version   Currently for internal use
results An array of objects, each representing the results of a check against a particular database See below for details
score A numeric result score for the check  
timestamp Timestamp for when the check was carried out  
id   Currently for internal use
type   For standards compliance; will always be 'id3-check'

Results objects

The API returns an array of result objects, one for each database check which has been performed as part of the check. Different check levels will perform different database checks. Fields are as follows:

Parameter Description Notes
alert A result for this particular check. Match, Nomatch etc
address If provided, was there a match on the date of birth?  
comments An array of objects containing comments provided on this particular check. These are specific to the check being performed and are used to provide information such as missing data. Fields are 'code' and 'description'.  
date_of_birth If provided, was there a match on the date of birth?  
description Text description of this particular check  
forename If provided, was there a match on the forename?  
id Check code Currently for internal use
name The title of this particular check  
pass Result indicating whether this particular check has 'passed'  
sanction_matches List of sanctions / PEPs, if this particular result contains that information  
surname If provided, was there a match on the surname?